Piercing Process

All piercings are done using a needle by a professional piercer. We pride ourselves on sanitation and we strictly follow the guidelines set by the Health Department.


The Procedure

Piercings are done on a walk-in basis. Once you come into the studio ask for the body piercer and he will assist you with any questions you have regarding the piercing. Once you have decided what piercing you’d like to do he will show you the placement on your body and the jewellery he will be using. All jewellery is sterilized in house to ensure that they are appropriate to pierce with. Once you have agreed on that he will proceed to do the piercing for you.

Please note: it is recommended that you are well rested and have a nutritious meal prior to a piercing to ensure the process goes smoothly.


Why we use Piercing Needles and not a Gun

We pride ourselves on doing Body Piercings the right way! All piercings are done using a single use sterilized piercing needle. It is the most sanitary way to do a piercing because it is only meant to be used on a single client and then must be disposed of. Needles unlike piercing guns are designed to penetrate your body smoothly causing less pain and trauma. This will ensure that your piercing heals quicker and more smoothly. Unlike piercing guns where a flat stud is used to penetrate your body causing trauma. The piercer will be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding this matter.

Body Works Tattoos

Body Works Tattoos